Renewable Energy Policy
About the sector

Andhra Pradesh is a leading state in the country, in promoting the renewable energy sector and is well-positioned to drive India’s sustainable economic development going forward.

The state has 9 GW of renewable power installed capacity, comprising of 4.3 GW of solar power, 4.1 GW of wind power, 444 MW of Biomass, 106 MW of Small Hydro, 36 MW of Municipal Solid Waste and 41 MW of Industrial Waste to Power plants, contributing 36% of total power installed capacity in the state.

With rich renewable energy hubs, carrying the potential for setting up 38 GW in solar, and 44 GW (at 100-meter hub height) in wind, Andhra Pradesh provides a conducive environment and excellent opportunities for investments in Renewable Energy.

Sector Highlights & Key Initiatives

Facilitate lease of 5 lakh acres of potential land in the state to renewable energy export project developers.

Created a shelf of 7 projects with an estimated potential of 17,800 MW to set up solar, wind, and solar-wind hybrid power projects.

Facilitating the world’s largest ‘Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project’ with capacity of 4,230 MW, entailing 2,300 MW of solar PV, 250 MW of wind and 1,680 MW of pumped storage hydro, with storage capacity of 10 GWh.

29 locations identified for Pumped Hydro Storage Power Projects, with potential of 33.2 GW

The State has recently approved investments of over INR 1,05,000 Cr (USD 13 Bn.) in the Green Energy Sector and an integrated PV Solar Power Project (with metallurgical grade silicon, poly silicon and float glass manufacturing) with an investment of INR 43,000 CR. (USD 5 Bn.).

Andhra Pradesh is strategically positioned to attract investments into manufacturing electrolyzers and anchor a robust ecosystem for manufacturing green hydrogen and green ammonia.

Marquee Investments